Ladybirds & Butterflies

There are two lovely, bright and airy rooms for the babies, the Ladybirds Room is a large and spacious room that has a designated sleep area for those wanting the occasional rest and a more active area where the babies interact with staff and other children. The Butterfly Room is also a large room with designated activity areas and equipment to encourage Physical Development.

There is a bathroom also located just outside of the two classrooms to ensure easy access at all times.

From a very early age babies are learning through observation, to respond to their immediate environment and begin to communicate with those around them. In the baby rooms we focus on tactile activities that will encourage and stimulate their development.

At this age, children are beginning to explore their immediate surroundings as their mobility, language and fine motor skills develop. These two rooms helps to further enhance these skills by providing activities and play resources that encourage the children both imaginatively and physically. At this stage of their development the children are supported in their exploration of the world around them.