Health and Nutrition

We take the health of each of the children in our care seriously, Physical development is important to the well being of all our children. A Healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

All meals are freshly prepared on the premises by our dedicated cook to ensure all ingredients within the meal are well balanced. Sandra supports the children to understand the importance of a healthy diet by providing good nutritious meals. We provide at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

We are able to cater for all specialist dietary requirements. All information is collated on entry to the nursery from parents/carers concerning any special dietary requirements/preferences Please contact us directly for information on the accommodations we can make for your child.

Staff assist children in becoming independent to manage their own hygiene e.g. washing hands. The children are encouraged within small groups to set their table, use manners and the older serve themselves lunch with staff guidance.

Below is an example of our typical menu offered to children with no specific dietary requirements. If you would like detailed information on how we tailor this to the needs of individual children, please do not hesitate to contact us.


lessons in nutrition

We supply a fruit and milk breakfast for children as required, but welcome parents to supply cereal or other breakfast foods which we will prepare and serve to the children. Babies will have their food liquidised as required.


We supply a selection of hot lunches and desserts

e.g. Caribbean chicken served with fresh noodles and a selection of vegetables. Italian meatballs served with long spaghetti, crusty garlic bread.
We have a separate menu for babies under one.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea consists of:

  • A selection of sandwiches - ham, tuna, chicken, cheese, jam
  • A selection of salad vegetables - typically cucumber, tomato and peppers
  • Bread sticks or savoury biscuits and raisins
  • A selection of fresh fruit - typically two types from a choice of banana, apple, kiwi, grapes, orange, pear, melon.
  • Water is offered with afternoon tea

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