Each of our groups of children has their own room. Although free-flow play is actively encouraged, each individual room caters for the specific needs of the age range concerned. Every room has dedicated areas for reading, arts, crafts and role play, as well as a soft area with toys, dolls and teddies.

We have an exceptional outdoor play area. As well as a large lawn area we have slides, sand pits, water play area, art and reading corner, gardening corner, and play houses. We also have a large number of bikes, scooters, balls, hula hoops, cars, buggies and other play things which are used outside.

Our kitchen is well equipped to handle the daily requirements of our children. Every meal is freshly prepared onsite by our cook. We offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. See the Health and Nutrition section for more information on menus.

Each age group has a separate toilet area. This is particularly beneficial to potty training and nappy changing as segregation by age at these delicate times keeps the children comfortable in their surroundings.

There is a dedicated sleep area for all children requiring an afternoon nap. Between 12noon and 2pm children of any age are able to sleep on small mattresses with blankets. They are supervised by a staff member throughout their naptime. If they have their own comforters to sleep they are welcome to bring these to nursery.